Our story:

IQUALIF was originally developed for professional PHP Marketing using a client-server infrastructure. The transition to a commercial version required a new approach and a complete overhaul of our applications. We then changed to a cross-platform application to minimise development and maintenance time with a view to increase our availability.

Our philosophy:

To make our programs as easy to use as possible and to focus upon the heart of our business: contact extraction.

We adhere to a fundamental theory founded by M Niklaus Wirth in 1995, stating that "the development of software is slower than the accelerated development of hardware." Though computer power continues to increase, the same cannot be said for computer programs. The user experience is often taken as a reference instead of program performance. Furthermore, economic pressure is pushing companies to develop new products at the expense of the maintenance of existing software

Our drive to satisfy our customers pushes us to avoid that scenario. The products we provide are designed to be constantly optimized and maintained so that users can keep their preferred brands over a longer period of time. Our concerns over software optimisation drive us to analyze constantly and keep one step ahead of the competition to ensure our projects and innovations are always superior.


Our tools are designed to assist you from the very beginning of your trading endeavours. The software range "IQUALIF Contact Page Extractor" is dedicated to the creation of call centre traffic. In addition to telemarketing, the products are also oriented by conventional prospecting for professional mailing and e-mailing.

IQUALIF automates data extraction from a number of countries' Yellow or White Pages and exports it to Excel. Data mining can also be extended to other areas and sites according to your requirements.

To extract data from WHITE PAGES and YELLOW PAGES, IQUALIF has developed a range of software called IQUALIF Contact Page Extractor. It is divided into several branches including:

IQUALIF France White : extracts contact information from the French White Pages directory

IQUALIF France Yellow : extracts contact information from the French online Yellow Pages directory

IQUALIF Belgium White : extracts contact information from the White Pages directory PagesBlanches.be

- IQUALIF Belgium Yellow : extracts professional data from the official Belgian directory

IQUALIF Switzerland White : extracts individual data from the official Swiss directory Local.ch

IQUALIF Switzerland Yellow : extracts professional data from Switzerland's official directory Local.ch

IQUALIF Luxembourg White : extracts individual data from the Luxembourg directory Yellow.lu

- IQUALIF Luxembourg Yellow : extracts professional data from the Luxumberg directory Yellow.lu

- IQUALIF Polynesia White : extracts individual data from the Polynesian White Pages Annuaireopt.pf

IQUALIF Polynesia Yellow : extracts professional data from the directory of Polynesia Annuaireopt.pf

IQUALIF Canada White : extracts individual data from the Canadian directory Canada411.ca

IQUALIF Canada Yellow : extracts professional data from the Yellow Pages of Canada Canada411.ca

Our goal is to provide you with simple, reliable and efficient solutions to assist you in your marketing and production.

We aim to improve your productivity and provide you with better solutions than those already on the market. Our product range is designed to boost your results and increase your returns in terms of both volume and efficiency.


The volume of contacts extracted by IQUALIF CPE is 40% higher than that of our competitors. It is a real gain of time and efficiency for any business.

In an international economic context, our presence in USA and Morocco allow us to be better informed and have a broader vision whilst constantly refining our products and services. For questions, please use our contact form


Contact us at contact1@iqualif.com

By phone at +1 (646) 547-1053


576 Fifth Avenue 
New York, NY 10036

Abroad :

Espace Erreda
52 Bd Zerktouni, 1er etage, N3
20 140 Casablanca