News: Iqualif CPE

Iqualif CPE extracts 40% more contacts than our competitors. A real advantage in terms of time and efficiency.

White Pages Extractor

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Yellow Pages Scraper

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IQUALIF extracts mass or targeted data, including addresses, email addresses, phone numbers: an effective way to expand business prospects, on a B2B and B2C basis.


IQUALIF software extracts data from the Yellow or White Pages and saves them in Excel format.

The range of available versions of IQUALIF enable users to cover the vast majority of French-speaking and English-speaking countries, and more.

White scraper versions extract data from individual listings by title, name, address, telephone number, average age and collective or individual housing.

IQUALIF is useful for all professionals and for businesses such as call centres, communications and advertising agencies, real estate agencies, all marketing professionals and the private or public sector that wish to expand their activities or make themselves known.

Yellow extractors allow companies to extract lists by name, address, telephone number, fax, website and email address, where such information is available.

This software is an essential tool for expanding your market prospects, giving you the possibility to create customer files, forms and qualification files. It can scrape up to 40% more contacts than competitors and collect full contact details for prospective clients.

IQUALIF is used to collect mass or targeted data from the White or, Yellow pages directories.

IQUALIF White and Yellow is used to extract individual data and business contacts from the White and Yellow Pages directories of several countries. This software is an essential tool to expand your market prospects, giving you the possibility to create customer files, forms and qualification files. This software enables you capture up to 40% more contacts than competitors, and collect complete contact information.

File size: 57,4 MB (EXE) / 97,0 MB (PKG) / 26,3 MB (ZIP)

License: 3-day trial (the same as the commercial version, no restrictions except the time allocated)

For questions, see the FAQ, or the CONTACT FORM


Recovery of full contact details, names, addresses and telephone numbers

Coordinate the extraction of data from the White Pages directory

Automatic enhancement of the street list

Use the list of streets provided or import more

Pause and resume downloads

Automatic updates

Export to CSV

Antiblacklist System

The Yellow version records contacts' email addresses when the information is available on the company's online Yellow Pages profile.

It then updates email addresses not found on the Yellow Pages site directly from the websites of companies that have one.


Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10,
32 or 64 bit

Apple Mac OS X (10.5 or later, Leopard, Snow Mountain, Mountain Lion, Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra or later)

Windows Server 2003 / 2008 R2 /
2012 R2, 32 or 64 bit

Java 6 or later required (included in the installer)

IQUALIF specialises in capturing and extracting data from the Yellow or White Pages of several countries. Web scraping or data mining can also be extended to other areas or sites according to your business needs.

Ideal for CALL CENTERS and CONTACT CENTERS but also for traders, artisans and professionals who want to introduce or find new customers and expand their activity base.

What is IQUALIF? IQUALIF is a tool for obtaining the full details of a city's residents and can filter results by specific criteria.

A new version of our Yellow and White pages extractor

Simplified interface at an optimised speed for professionals

Our strengths:

new customers will always have up-to-date information captured from official directories in real-time. In addition, our solutions allow for the extraction of up to 20,000 sheets per hour.

Do you want a product customised

to your specific business needs, or do you need to find software that is able to extract the right type of information (from pap, forums or specialized search sites)? Contact us! We also provide made-to-measure solutions.

Our aim

is to provide customers with powerful Tools, with a quality a step above those already on the market.

IQUALIF is an easy-to-use,

fast, efficient and reliable web scraping services for all qualification files.

IQUALIF CPE is now available in six categories IQUALIF France, IQUALIF Belgium, Switzerland and IQUALIF Luxembourg, Canada and Polynesia so that your commercial ambitions can go even further!

Find them all on the download page. Free trials available for all versions.

IQUALIF Contact page Extractor includes the following features:

  • Finding contact information from the online versions of White Pages or Yellow Pages directories of countries including France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and Polynesia

  • Recovering complete contact information => names, addresses, telephone numbers, email and company names, etc.

  • From a custom list of streets loaded by user

  • From a list of streets provided

  • Intelligent management of Internet Download free from download freezing and other involuntary interruptions:

  • Automatic error detection and re-downloading functionaliti available

  • Automatic street list updates

  • Pause and resume downloads

  • Anti-blacklist system

  • Export contacts to CSV

  • Versions available for several countries

  • Automatic updates


In a continuous search for improvement, IQUALIF has developed an offer that allows you to increase your productivity and improve your revenue streams. Our solution is the ideal entry point for increasing your customer prospect and conversion rates.

As a professional, you need the best, at short notice. For this reason, we have adapted IQUALIF CPE to suit your needs: a simple and functional tool that will meet all of your requirements.


Update in progress:

Our goals as of 2018 include: refining and simplifying existing software to increase the extraction rate.

Optimising functionality to facilitate the work of call centres

Happy New Year 2018, visit our new international store: and

09/03/2018: new installer

01/03/2017: new international website

11/03/2016: added support, Excel xls and xlsx

08/22/2016: release of IQUALIF TAdvisor Yellow

02/21/2016: release of IQUALIF Dominica White and Lucia White

01/04/2016: new import module for use of custom zip, cities, streets or category list

12/10/2015: release of IQUALIF Belgium 07 Yellow, to scrape data from and

10/02/2015: improved version for France, IQUALIF France Yellow


  • - Installers update


  • - Dashboard added
  • - Population by city added

08/03/2015: IQUALIF Belgium White and Yellow patch

  • - online release of IQUALIF Portugal White Extractor, to extract data from the Portuguese white pages "Páginas Brancas",

07/06/2015: software updates for your Mac

06/24/2015: IQUALIF Belgium White patch

06/23/2015: online release of a minor patch on professional Belgian version

06/15/2015: online release of a minor patch on professional Swiss version

06/11/2015: online publication of a minor patch for versions covering the French and Moroccan Yellow pages.

05/31/2015: release of 2 new programs:

  • - IQUALIF Tunisia Yellow used to download business data from the Tunisian yellow pages.
  • - IQUALIF Africa Yellow used to extract professional data from 51 countries in Africa.
  • - A new OCR module 100% IQUALIF is now included in all software

05/09/2015: improved version for Germany, Le Bon Coin, England and Morocco

04/22/2015: New Mac and Windows installer, which includes a fix for the browser mode display.

03/23/2015: upgrade for IQUALIF Yellow France, to extract contacts from the Yellow pages from a list of cities, counties or regions and export them to Excel.

03/20/2015: update IQUALIF Viva White and Yellow,, and IQUALIF Kapa White and Yellow,

03/18/2015: IQUALIF Luxembourg White and Yellow, IQUALIF Kapa White and Yellow,

02/10/2015: IQUALIF White and Yellow Page Robot:

  • - SQL
  • - Mass Mailing
  • - Proxy
  • - Tor
  • - OCR


  • - MySQL
  • - Linux

01/06/2015:all the best for 2015 ! We have some nice surprises in store for you this year. We will strengthen logistics to ensure quality of service (QoS) remains consistent. The software will be standardised to increase running speed and simplify user interactions. We will also be providing new features that will benefit a broad range of marketing professionals. Happy New Year 2015 from the management team at IQUALIF !

12/08/2014: the extraction of email data will be included in our new product: IQUALIF Hungary Yellow to list Hungarian companies from

11/28/2014: new product launch: IQUALIF Italy Yellow Italian professionals to extract professional data from the Italian directory. The extraction of email data is included.

11/18/2014: new product launch: IQUALIF Spain Yellow Spanish professionals to extract professional data from the official directory of Spain: The extraction of email data is included.


- Upgrade for the extractor used for English professionals, find it in the download area.

This solution allows the extraction of data from popular directories and The extraction of email data is included.


- Software upgrade for the extraction of professional data from Morocco. This version allows you to capture data from the directory The extraction of email data is included.


- New product launch: IQUALIF Germany Yellow professionals to extract professional data from the official directory German


  • - Launch of an extraction software for Australia, find it on the download page.
  • - Updated solutions for White France, Belgium, and United States Yellow:

Reinstall the latest version to get even more contacts through optimised management of events.

Simplified interface


- Update for the Canada and United States Yellow pages solutions with the latest version of this application.


  • - Update for the USA White pages version that allows the extraction of individual data from the United States from the official directory: British Columbia Telecom.
  • - Release of Kapa White and Yellow versions to extract contacts details from the site: Kapaza Belgian ads.
  • - Added Mass Mailing module and automatic entry forms in the Yellow versions to enhance your marketing operations.
  • - Added an OCR plugin.

08/02/2014: update of Belgium Yellow pages Version to extract professional data. This includes a new feature, which allows you to reach your contacts more easily.

07/22/2014: launch of Iqualif Viva White and Yellow to extract individual and professional data from the Site: Vivastreet.

07/13/2014: you cannot expect the release of Iqualif BCoin White and Yellow to extract the ads from Le Bon Coin.

07/07/2014: Update for IQUALIF’s Switzerland Yellow pages version.

This includes access to the latest features.

Minor correction of display accents.

06/12/2014: adding new functionality to the interface to make it more attractive and intuitive. Enabling filters on age and individual houses on versions:

Canada White

France White and Yellow (Yellow and White Patch France)

Morocco, Morocco White and Yellow

Switzerland White

Belgium White

05/15/2014: update for IQUALIF Canada ‘s White pages version to allow for the extraction of more contact data.

05/09/2014: new product launch : IQUALIF Yellow England for a list of English professionals.

05/07/2014: release of a minor fix for the Netherlands and France Yellow pages versions.

05/06/2014: activation of a collective housing and title filter to IQUALIF France, Switzerland and Morocco White pages versions.

04/21/2014: update for IQUALIF Madagascar Yellow and White pages version that allows for the creation of files from the official directory: Malagasy

04/17/2014: update for IQUALIF the Netherlands White and Yellow pages versions that allows for the extraction of contact data from the official directory Netherlands

12/04/2014: update for IQUALIF Morroco White and Yellow pages version that allows for the extraction of individual and professional data from the official White and Yellow pages directory: Morocco

Update for IQUALIF France White and Yellow versions.

Patch for Mac installation.

04/07/2014: IQUALIF 712 now online, featuring the extraction of professional email data from the White and Yellow pages directories. This version allows to collect individual and professional data.

04/04/2014: Were you expecting it? Probably not, but we thought we would put it out there anyway! Launch announcement for IQUALIF United States Yellow that allows for the extraction of professional data and, email data. IQUALIF is now available to create your prospective client files for the United States of America, and a new translation module is now integrated in the software.

03/28/2014: new product launch: IQUALIF Belgium Yellow that allows for the extraction of professional data and email data.

13/03/2014: IQUALIF Canada and Polynesia White & Yellow versions are now available !

04/03/2014: A new version of IQUALIF France White and Yellow is available, the user interface has been redesigned and 4 new search modes are now available to give you more search freedom and provide a clearer presentation of your research.

Launch of new server dedicated to the optimisation of customer exchange.

02/21/2014: provision of a Mac installer for companies working with iOS

Fixed minor bugs.

01/28/2014: developments.

Acquisition of 2 new machines for testing and development. site redesign, making it more attractive and user-friendly.

01/15/2014: Launch of IQUALIF 1.098.6, the interface has been simplified and optimised to increase download speed in order to provide you with even more contacts.

Improved download manager.

Revision of the automatic refresh lists.

Expansion of the topic list for France IQUALIF Yellow version.

17/12/2013: Release of the following updates for IQUALIF France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg White 1.098.2:

Reorganisation of the activities of the yellow pages and rank sections.

Fixed specific bugs

Revision of alphabetical sorting function.

11/22/2013: Update for France White IQUALIF 1097. The interface has been improved, the list of available streets has been expanded and standardised to provide you with even more contacts.

We encourage our users to update their versions to capture more contact.

IQUALIF Switzerland 1097 White is also available.

Find it in the download area.

28/10/2013: IQUALIF 1096 is now online and the interface is available in 3 versions, all of which have been revised and improved.

10/22/2013: Launch of White and Yellow IQUALIF France version 1095; the interface has been improved, it is now faster and more user-friendly:

  • - Faster loading times
  • - Added buttons to select / deselect all items in the list
  • - Added buttons to refresh list content.
  • - Added support for drag-click and click ctr + automatic

User settings have also been simplified:

- Automatic updates for the anti-blacklist system

14/14/2013: Searching for contacts in Luxembourg? We have the solution, and announce the launch of IQUALIF Luxembourg White and Yellow pages version, that allows for the extraction of professional data and, email data.

10/09/2013: launch of version IQUALIF CPE 1094, the anti-blacklist system has been optimised to download contacts at an even faster rate, and new options have been added to settings. The duplication functionality has been refined and filtering of professionals is now automatic.

The interface has been optimised, making it more attractive and practical.

09/30/2013: The extraction of professional data and email data has been added to all versions of IQUALIF Yellow pages. You can now extract email data from the French yellow pages and Switzerland

Two extraction modes are now available: fast mode and full mode.

09/21/2013: Release of Yellow IQUALIF Switzerland version, this software allows you to extract all Swiss professional data from the directory.

Before 2013: IQUALIF France Yellow 1.08 is now available, it can extract even more information. The extraction of numbers starting with 0800 has now been added.

White IQUALIF France, Belgium and Switzerland White White 1.08 are now available; the interface has been optimised and refined to extract to obtain even better results.